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What is digital advertising?

Digital advertising is a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy for reaching consumers in every stage of the buying funnel and moving them from one stage of the buying funnel to the next. From awareness to purchase, you can use digital media advertising (and online ad channels like Google) to drive revenue.

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Google Ads Management

The truth is, if you’re not investing in Google Ads, you’re missing out! It’s no secret that Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to generate leads and sales for your business. It allows you to target ready-to-buy customers just waiting to get their hands on your product or service! With an expert team of digital strategists and a high-converting campaign, you can effortlessly scale your business profitably and achieve industry dominance.

Worried about irrelevant clicks and wasted budget? If you’ve experienced these in the past, chances are you’ve either been managing Google advertising yourself and burning a hole through your wallet (due to a lack of know-how) or had a poor experience with an agency focused on clicks, not conversions. Our laser-focused strategies are carefully designed to bring in interested buyers and consistently produce warm leads and sales for your business.

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PPC Advertising

Target the right audience and see a consistent flow of leads and paying customers. How? With the right campaign, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to grow your business and scale to new heights! Platforms such as Google Adwords can immediately drive huge amounts of qualified traffic to your website, but only with the right strategy.

When you partner with a leading PPC agency, you’ll see results right from the get-go. Our PPC specialists have the knowledge and expertise to create finely-tuned campaigns that turn browsers into buyers. Why do we get such consistent results for our clients? Because we’re a results-driven PPC agency focused on conversions, not costly clicks. Your business deserves results and we have the team to achieve them.

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Social Media Advertising

Social media is not just for socialising anymore. It is a marketing tool for explosive business growth. With nearly 1.4 BILLION active users on Facebook alone, it is a hub full of ready-to-buy customers looking for a product or service just like yours! But, if you are not one of those tech savvy business owners already on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other popular platforms, chances are you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of paying customers every, single, day!

Consumers now more than ever expect brands to be constantly updating, sharing and engaging with them on social media. In fact, social media marketing is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Find your ideal customer before your competition snatches them up with some help from our team here at Quras Digital.

Social media marketing is arguably the most flexible and affordable advertising tool today. Unlike traditional methods such as print and TV, you have full control of your paid media approach. Spend as much or as little as you want and advertising at times that suit your audience.

Social media has developed into one of the biggest and most powerful platforms in the digital marketing industry. With tens of millions of individuals connected across the globe through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn there is already a huge audience available at your disposal, so why not tap into endless possibilities.

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The benefits and differences between traditional and digital advertising?

It is essential to understand what its benefit of digital advertising are and, of course, how this concept differs from traditional advertising.

The most important thing is accuracy. With countless resources and tools, it is much easier to understand, and understand and help those looking for your product offering.

In other words, companies know much more about the behaviour of their target audience, what they are looking for, and what you can offer to them.

You can specify exactly which audience you will impact, whereas in traditional advertising, companies buy space at a specific time on a media display or television, and it is shown to those watching. But companies do not have control over who is viewing that advertised information.

With social media advertising platforms, Digital Marketing actions can be more segmented, focusing on a specific audience, according to the company’s requirements.

After all, why would an e-commerce company of sporting goods spend its resources advertising to people who do not practice sports?

When segmenting your campaigns based on interests, companies can target their efforts with exactness, focusing on those users who can become customers.

Another benefit that differentiates digital advertising from traditional advertising is the possibility of real-time monitoring of the actions of your potential customers, while in the traditional advertising in media, you must wait a certain period to know if the action worked or not, and the evaluation indicators are not as accurate, digital advertising facilitates this control. With Digital advertising, companies can track exactly how their strategies are working, how many visitors were directed to the website through a specific campaign, amending an active campaign to capitalise on the accuracy and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

The most significant benefit of digital advertising is better control over the performance of all your campaigns and communication strategies.

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