Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

Commercial photography made simple!

If you're in search of top-tier photography services in the West Midlands region, look no further than Quras. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our team specialises in both corporate photography and commercial photography. Whether you need dynamic product images, or compelling visual content for your marketing campaigns, we've got you covered.

Corporate images underwhelming? Not enough of them or just straight out boring!

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    Does your images slightly embarrass or portray the wrong message?

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    Are your corporate images consistent in quality?

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    Get it right!

    Is it difficult to find the right stock imagery?

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    Do your phone images capture the detail and look you want?

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    Are you lacking the know-how, time and equipment to get excellent photos?

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    Do your images engage your target audience?

Discuss your requirements

We will sit down with you and discuss your requirements and we will provide quote for your approval.

Solid brief and scheduling

Solid brief and shooting schedule set out in communications before the shoot days.

The photoshoot

The day/s of the shoot, where we will follow the schedule agreed on and take photo's and footage using our equipment, including cameras, drones and go-pros.

Studio shots

Studio shoots can be against a simple white wall or involve more complex lighting and background creation.

Image proofs

You will receive the image proofs for selection within 72 hours of the shoot's completion.

Image selection and editing

Choose your photos to be delivered with blemish removal, colour contrast and lighting balance applied and uploaded to secure online storage for delivery.


We will deliver the editing selection of photos and footage to you digitally.

The process

Great visuals tell a thousand words in just a few seconds, engaging customers and triggering an emotional response.

While each client has unique requirements, here is a guide to how we would work with you on your commercial photography project:

Corporate photography

Looking for a corporate photographer, for photography  throughout the West Midlands to create stunning visuals for your brand or business? We’ve got you covered.

Stand out from the crowd with our product photography. A well-crafted image can turn casual browsers into loyal customers. Our skills in product styling and lighting will be sure to elevate your product so it will get noticed by the right audience.

If its staff portrait images that you are looking for professional headshots can go a long way to communicate your integrity in any industry, and we have years of experience conducting corporate photoshoots for a variety of needs.

Whether you are an executive, an author, or an artist, our professional portrait photography can help you make an impression.

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